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About the Department

Electrical Engineering Department of Bansal Institute of Engineering & Technology is established to educate the students in the arena of Electrical Engineering with an emphasis such that students are able to apply basic knowledge to achieve technological advances. The department has been imparting quality education at undergraduate. The courses offered by the department is B. Tech in Electrical Engineering Our mission is to impart knowledge in Electrical Engineering and Technology to meet the international standards and make the Electrical Engineering ethically and emotionally strong enough to meet the technological challenges for the well-being of the human kind. Our degree programs help students to become outstanding professionals, prepared to impact modern society in all manners through the application of cutting edge technology. The course curriculum is being revised from time to time so as to keep abreast with the latest developments and emerging technologies. The department has highly qualified and motivated faculty members from top notch universities of India with publications in international and national journals and conferences in the area of Power System & Control, Power Electronics, Renewable Energy and Smart Grid. The department has state-of-the art laboratories in almost all the areas of Electrical Engineering e.g. Basic Electrical Engineering, Control System, Electrical Machine, Electric Drives, Power System, Power Electronics are the few name to take. The department is also equipped with the latest simulation tools e.g. MATLAB.

Vision of the Department:

To emerge as a centre of technical excellence in the field of electrical engineering to mould the students into technocrats to fulfill the requirements of industry and society

Missions of Department:

M1: To provide quality and practical education in the field of Electrical Engineering.

M2: To build technically skilled Engineers to meet the current and future requirements of industry.

M3: To empower every student by providing them a strong and positive learning environment through seminar, workshop and personality development classes.

Program Educational Objectives

PEO1: To provide sound knowledge in the field of mathematics, science and electrical engineering to identify as well as to solve real time problems with enhanced efficiency and also, adapt themselves to recent technologies.

PEO2: To transform students in a way that they can work effectively in multi-disciplinary and multicultural groups.

PEO3: To develop moral and ethical values, lifelong learning skills, social responsibility, and aptitude for innovation. 

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO1: To gain knowledge of power electronics, electrical machines and control systems in modern industries.

PSO2: To gain knowledge of generation, transmission and distribution of electric power with special reference to non-conventional and renewable energy resources.

PSO3: Apply principles of electrical engineering, computer science and electronics; physics, chemistry, mathematics, environmental science and laboratory skills for building, testing, operation and maintenance of electrical systems, such as power and energy systems.